Operational Excellence:


We have seen the impact of applying Lean principles across a broad spectrum, from a bariatric clinic to an IT department to a manufacturing setting.  In each case, the goal is to make people successful in the tasks they are assigned.  Basic tools, like the value stream map, standard work, visual management, and leader standard work are used as needed to make this a daily reality.


Change Management:


Resistance to change is common, especially from those who have made great progress in the current operating system.  But experience has shown that, when given a vision and encouragement to apply their unique skills, most if not all people will embrace the change.


Leader & Team Development:


MJW Lean Consulting LLC wants to break the cycle of recruit and replace with recruit and retain.  This takes a commitment to ‘make’ leaders through principle and practice.  There are no perfect leaders, but when teams see their leaders becoming more proficient, everyone wins.


Continuous Improvement:


For those of us at MJW Lean Consulting LLC, ‘success’ is not found in completing a job, even one where the results are satisfactory.  To the contrary, our goal is to see meaningful change take root and, as a result, bear good fruit over the long run.  Then we can rest assured that the stewardship of resources – time, talent, and treasure – is on a good trajectory, and that the goal of the business – to exceed customer expectations – is what everyone is experiencing.

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